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Buying Property in Ghana

Real Estate transactions in Ghana are becoming increasingly complex requiring the knowledge, experience and level of service that only VISTAGHANA can provide. Your time is valuable to us and buying property in Ghana should be easy and stress free. With this in mind, we have worked to hone the purchasing process to its most secure and efficient form. Buying Property in Ghana has never been this easy. We have redesigned our website: www.vistaGhana.com with you in mind.We offer the largest selection of properties currently available for sale in Ghana as well as details for each listing that will let you know which is the right property for you. Knowledge of the Ghana real estate market, our experience as well as our firm commitment to data collection and research has allowed us to help our clients make sound investment decisions. As Buyer agents, we actively seek and discover opportunities that meet and often exceed the requirements of our clients.

Property Listings

We have an extensive collection of properties ranging in type, location and price – the number and quality of our listings is unmatched. We have also added new functionalities to our search formats on www.vistaGhana.com, including a Keyword Search, General Search, Advanced Search, and an all new Detailed Search - all this to make you able to fine tune or generalize your searches making research and property hunting quick and easy. We have employed a new listing format that will allow us to update our website (www.vistaGhana.com) daily, keeping the status and details on each property listing as current as possible, and allowing you to see new additions the minute they hit the market. The functionality and design of our new site was put together with the purpose of making your research into the Ghana Real Estate Market or search for a specific property efficient and stress free. One look and you’ll see that we have the most comprehensive list of properties available in Ghana. If you cannot find what you are looking for among our listings, contact us and we will find what you are looking for. We work with other real estate brokers and have a long list of private listings, so our access to properties goes way beyond what you see in this site. Send us an inquiry and we’ll show you what’s available.

Market Knowledge and Research

Data and information held by is of value unmatched in the country. The aim is to arm ourselves with effective, accurate information in order to better advise our clients enabling them to make more informed decisions. We believe that preparation and insight are the keys to success in any real estate investment – VISTAGHANA provides both. Investment Decisions Our success is rooted in the success of our clients. More than just a database of information and properties for sale, we at VISTAGHANA Real Estate, promise to inform and advise you in making the right real estate decisions. We will utilize our knowledge, experience and decision-making tools in making you better prepared when purchasing property in Ghana.

Buyer Representation

When doing business in Ghana, be certain that you are represented by the very best. We will handle your transaction from beginning to end with your best interests at the core of all our actions. Flexible, alert, and unyielding are what describe>VISTAGHANA agents in the pursuit of the right opportunities for our clients. We are just an email or phone call away.

Buyer Support

To facilitate the complex process of seeking, purchasing and developing property in Ghana, VISTAGHANA Real Estate has formed special alliances with several professionals and companies that represent the very best in their field. Attorneys, lenders, surveyors, technicians, engineers, contractors and architects all fall under these special arrangements all united by the purpose of giving you the best professional support during and after the purchasing process. An all-new Web Site, high quality, valuable Property Listings, current, accurate Information and Knowledge, and the best Buyer Support and Representation available make VISTAGHANA Real Estate your one-stop source for real estate in Ghana. From seeking and finding the right property, to negotiating and getting the right price, to conducting title searches, arranging financial facilities, and closing the deal to putting your new title and keys in your hand, VISTAGHANA Real Estate will ensure that your purchase is sound and beyond satisfactory.